Learn How To Fight In Four Weeks

Kung-Fu Camp here on the East Coast of Canada came to a close.  Four brave souls braved four weeks of lessons in movement (and laughter).

Each session started with burpees and ended with burpees.  You can’t fight if you’re gonna gas.

First week was about circling.  Circling the head, hands, torso, knees and entire body.

The second week was about pushing and pulling.  Pushing on an opponent’s centre of mass, pulling on the head or limbs to control and off-balance.

The third week was about hitting.  Hitting from a distance, up close, sitting, when laying on top and when on the bottom.  A lesson in power generation.

Week four was about footwork.  Evade.

As His Dark Side puts it, “Hit hard.  Or evade.  Or both.  Everything else is a waste.”

So in four hourly sessions, I figure I taught them everything they need to know about fighting.  It’s up to them to put in the work.  That’s how I roll.  Most folks just don’t.  But I hope that I instilled some




3 Responses to “Learn How To Fight In Four Weeks”

  1. What?! You guys had a seminar and you didn’t tell me! I would have totally flew my ass from this side of the continent to attend!

    Actually I was just starting my new apprenticeship, and I’m a poor bum. However, I feel I should have been there. Sounds like you guys had fun though!

    • ctkwingchun Says:

      Might be easier for you to go to BC to see His Dark Side than to come to NS to see me. 😉 You were there in spirit and when the time is right we will hook up.

  2. Was a fun Camp.

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