Like Wrestling

Comment on the Kung-Fu Tai Chi Facebook site in regards to the Chi Sau competition:

” I noticed that a lot of the Chi Sao this year was just pushing & shoving, without really much bridging/sticking, strikes, lops, or trapping.  What do the other wing chun guys think about how this was handled?”

And a training partner after our last Chi Sau session remarked, “It’s like wrestling.”


Problem: Chi Sau when played lightly at patty-cake speed lends well to, well, patty-cake type movements.  We get to see all sorts of bridging, trapping and striking.  But what happens when both parties turn up the heat at close range knowing full well that they can hurt each other?

Pressure.  Fear.  Control.


One Response to “Like Wrestling”

  1. Competition? I am not surprised that Chi Sau would turn to custard… It is a training medium not meant for competition or fighting since that “defeats” the purpose.

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