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Do Not Disturb

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It was painted pink when we bought the house five years ago.  Used mainly for storage there’s a 10×15 area that I use for martial arts.  I never needed to paint it, I just hung my heavy bag and called it done.  Even the ceiling is just under 6 feet, so the heavy bag hangs low but it’s a non-concern – I just used the opportunity to practice aiming between the chains.

Put on some Krishna Das and while it’s not the angriest music in the world for hitting the bag, we’d be missing the point.  Pacing back and forth in the basement, making figure eights, swerving in and in and out with the music, inhaling the incense, kicking the bag, leaning on it, swaying with it, smashing into it with my elbows, shoulder bumping to a quick and short punch – in a trance seemingly not unlike Dervish Whirling.

I’m in the basement.  Do Not Disturb.


Life is an experiment

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Had a phlegm-cough for a week and a half.  However, when I’m sick, I still work out.  When I have a Wind-Cold, it’s a slow-to-come and sl0w-to-leave kind of thing, so I train slow.  Plus, if my body can’t turn it into Heat, then it means that my Protection is weak.

When I have a Wind-Heat, I will train to sweat, opening my pores and letting the invasion out.

With the Phlegm-Cough, it’s again a slow-moving thing, so I’ve been resting and taking it slow.  It hasn’t been working at all.  So yesterday I did the opposite because Chinese medicine (and life) doesn’t work in a construct of hard-fast rules all the time.

Nobody showed up to train and sometimes that’s okay.  I trained myself the way I have been wanting to be trained ever since working these gym-interfering  hours.  Jump rope, heavy bag, sprints, burpees and a lot of coughing.  Today, it seems the cough is much better.



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Worser; Harder

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Sometimes life gives you lemons.  Sometimes, as one of my children says, it gets worser.

Then, the easiest thing to do, is to train harder.

Buddhist Stoicism

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And there is no Buddha, even.  When you do not understand Buddha, you will be concerned if I say there is no Buddha: “You are a priest, so how can you say there is no Buddha?  Why do you chant?  Why do you bow to Buddha?”

There is no Buddha so we bow to Buddha.  If you bow to Buddha because there is Buddha, that is not a true understanding of Buddha.

Sun-faced Buddha, Moon-faced Buddha – no problem.  Whether I am at Tassajara or San Francisco, no problem.  Even though I die, it is all right with me, and it is all right with you.  And if it is not all right, you are not a Zen student.

It is quite all right.  That is Buddha.

-Shunryu Suzuki

Black Up

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Send a nod to Mr. Cultfit while you’re Chill As F today.

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