Poor Wing Chun

Tiger style kung-fu is awesome.  First, there’s reference in a Wu-Tang song.  Second, tigers are fierce.

Snake and crane?  Pfft.  What’s a crane gonna do?  I’ve got blue herons living around this area and although they’re not a crane per se, they do look like them and scare easy!  And snakes?  I don’t live in Florida or watch TLC.

Aggression without losing one’s head is key in combat.  And damn, poor, ol’ Wing Chun’s got nothing but a some dress-wearing fable.  I vote for our new mascot to be the puma.  At least we’d have our own clothing line started.

Fierce Wing Chun.


6 Responses to “Poor Wing Chun”

  1. Such an Ignorant Opinion yeah you don’t need Crane and Snake in battle .There’s no written in WIng Chun System that you need 2 fly like an Crane or Bite like an Snake.. Wing Chun just Took some Ideas from those animals Snake For Flexibility,Accuracy,Speed Crane For Defence and Concentration ..well who ever the one who said that wing chun is a poor gungfu..I will say she/he is Ignorant and arrogant cause if WIng Chun is poor, Ip man will Never Win against the Japanese or Bruce lee Will never study Wing Chun.. well for the one who tell that wing chun is use less or poor …go die and meet Grand master Ip man.. you gonna swallow what you said. Ignorant.

  2. wing chun is all about focus and speed accuracy. I mean I take Judo but wing chun is not stupid as it seems. P.S. Did you ever take wing chun?

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