Goodbye Facebook; Goodbye Twitter

I’ve deactivated my Facebook account and deleted my Twitter account.  I still haven’t decided whether I will reactivate my Facebook account in the near future, but I highly doubt it.  This is perhaps the fifth time I’ve deactivated it and I think I’m finally done with all that racket.

I don’t see the value in it anymore.  I belonged to ‘groups,’ ‘liked’ pages, and communicated with human beings ‘commenting’ on their lives through pictures and links.

Since ditching FB and T, I’ve sent more emails – and they’ve been quality – the kind of quality that your grandmother in Saskatchewan would expect to receive.  Good, deep conversations that hold meaning in my life.  I’ve written more on the blog; posts from the heart.  I’ve written for a couple of in-print magazines such as Qi Magazine and OptiMYze.  I’ve got more on the go and more in the tank by not worrying about what someone wrote on my FB page or thinking about what my latest status update should be.  I’ve thought more about Kung-Fu: my first love.

So, goodbye Facebook and Twitter.  If you’re looking for me, you’ll have a hard time catching up with my pace – but try email.



4 Responses to “Goodbye Facebook; Goodbye Twitter”

  1. Darn, no wonder my twitter feed lost its luster for the past few days. I guess i’ll just have to blog to you then. Or email

  2. Have very much enjoyed our conversations as of lately, and have enjoyed scanning & reading through much of the material here. Thank you.

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