Triple S

First, there was Remembering SEF.

Now, there’s the Triple S.

This morning, the two gents that came over drilled Wing Chun techs in the Chi Sau – the more useful ones if you will: Tan, Fok, Bong, Pak and Jum.  When drilled, it is important to keep the Triple S in mind.

Slow – Slow it down, as to not get so excited and overstimulated.

Smooth – Make it smooth, not so jerky.

Stay in the pocket – Two trains on the same track.  Stay with your partner.

We can play Chi Sau so many different ways: head shots only, body shots only, pretending to be drunk, etc.  I like the Triple S for drilling techs.  Then we can let ‘er fly.

Make it yours, CTK

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