Pizza and a Diet Coke

Shared patient in the clinic who is friends with the Chiro.  Tells me in passing, as she’s visiting the Chiro, that she has high blood pressure and wants to lower it in the moment right now.  She asks what would be better to drink to lower her blood pressure right now: coffee, diet coke or water.

“Diet coke?”  I ask.

“I usually drink regular but like the Diet when I’m eating pizza.”

“Pizza and Diet coke?”

“I didn’t have time to make supper tonight.”

And there it is.  And I’m not up on some high horse where I don’t eat pizza or chocolate bars, but we were talking about high blood pressure with her very obese frame and I couldn’t help but think (not say): I’d rather ‘starve’ than eat garbage for supper.  I’d rather wait until I got home.  I’d rather run a short fast.  But today, I’d rather just walk away from such an asinine question.


One Response to “Pizza and a Diet Coke”

  1. Sounds like many of your clients are like her!

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