Dear Boss

Dear Boss,

I hate you.  I hate that you have me up so early in the morning the sun isn’t even awake.  You drive me so hard, working long hours in a day and by the time the week is finished I’m spent.  All I’m able to do is eat and sleep – I don’t even get to go to the boxing gym anymore over lunch as there’s work to be done.  My training is slipping in favour of your insatiable goal of reaping the mighty dollar and for what?  Because you have everyone coming after you for money?  That’s not my problem.

However, perhaps I should be grateful that I even have a job in today’s world with the economy the way it is.  I should be happy with all I have.  Still, I wonder if there’s someway you can change that hectic schedule of mine to include more of the one thing I have such a strong love-hate relationship with…sorry…my bad…back to work I go…




2 Responses to “Dear Boss”

  1. Digable Plants were and still are one of the best “Hip Hop” groups out there, may I suggest you check out:

    Have a great one today and take care!

  2. ctkwingchun Says:

    I didn’t know, I didn’t know! It’s sick. Thanks for putting some hip-hop knowledge on me.

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