Life is an experiment

Had a phlegm-cough for a week and a half.  However, when I’m sick, I still work out.  When I have a Wind-Cold, it’s a slow-to-come and sl0w-to-leave kind of thing, so I train slow.  Plus, if my body can’t turn it into Heat, then it means that my Protection is weak.

When I have a Wind-Heat, I will train to sweat, opening my pores and letting the invasion out.

With the Phlegm-Cough, it’s again a slow-moving thing, so I’ve been resting and taking it slow.  It hasn’t been working at all.  So yesterday I did the opposite because Chinese medicine (and life) doesn’t work in a construct of hard-fast rules all the time.

Nobody showed up to train and sometimes that’s okay.  I trained myself the way I have been wanting to be trained ever since working these gym-interfering  hours.  Jump rope, heavy bag, sprints, burpees and a lot of coughing.  Today, it seems the cough is much better.



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