Not You

If I do a quick head-count, I think there’s 4.5 people in my life that I trust.  Chances are, if you’re in my circle of influence, you’re not one of them.

And when I use the word trust, I mean trust.  I’m especially untrustworthy of someone who wants to give me something, because in this world nobody wants to give something for nothing – sadly, something I’ve been taught by ones very close to me.

I don’t like overly nice people – that fake sh*t drives me crazy.  I just shut down.

This doesn’t mean that I am shy or uncommitted.  It just means that I have three eyes open the whole time.

So go ahead and try to prove me wrong.  I’ve learned that most folks just prove me right.


3 Responses to “Not You”

  1. I hear you clearly. thanks for saying it!!!

  2. Overly nice people are compensating for something – usually bad. Assholes on the other hand are doing the same thing only they’re hiding something that’s generally not *bad*.

    I’m the later.

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