Rare Opportunity

Today I seized a rare opportunity.  Usually, because of my current hectic work and life schedule (that I created for myself so I could try to walk my path of success), I get to work out (any of the following: sprints, heavy bag, lift, play Kung-Fu) two to three times a week.

I try to get in something anytime I can.  Two days ago, I played with a Tai Chi practitioner who is an acustudent of mine.  I also have no issues going to the gym in work clothes.

This morning I woke shortly after six.  Well, the alarm went off at six and I wrestled with my mind for approximately 15 minutes and finally got up.  I made my way downstairs and out the front door.  Headphones on.  I ran 10×100 metre sprints each followed by 10 burpees in the dark.  When I was finished, I made my way to the basement while the sun tried to shine light behind those morning dark clouds.

Today, after seeing a patient, I had a break.  Just enough to make it to the gym to lift.

Two workouts in one day?  Like a pig in mud on a hot summer’s day.



2 Responses to “Rare Opportunity”

  1. ctkwingchun Says:

    Thanks! Still buzzing from it all.

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