Inner Ninja

The internet makes us want to be famous.  Either that or the fear instilled by toothpaste companies (“If your teeth aren’t white, you’ll never get the woman and car of your dreams!”).  We watch how many ‘Likes’ and ‘Friends’ and ‘Followers’ others have and all of a sudden it’s a ‘my Dad can beat up your Dad’ competition – even if it doesn’t seem as such.

I’ve made the mistake of reaching out into the world to all sorts of people and avenues in order to gain traction in certain fields – or so I thought.  What I ended up with was just another ego-game of my own.  And notoriety, as I’ve come to realize, happens not in the bits and bites of the interweb but in the trenches of real-life interactions.

An interesting behaviour happens when it becomes about the metrics instead of the content.  It’s like focusing on the bottom line instead of the patient-interactions and results in clinic.

HDS reminds me at times, “The journey is mine alone.”  And taking this month off to reflect and find out what’s good in my life has enabled me to find some peace in times of war.  War inside of my mind, of course.  Like an inner ninja.

Come train with me – in person.


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