Three Posts

I’ve tried three times to write something – to send something out there.

A post comprised of why I moved away from home…something that I haven’t thought about for a while.  The control on my life left a sour taste in my mouth.  The challenge to see if I had what it takes to make it and an experiment to see if God actually exists.

Postulating that maybe I’m scared of my shadow self and that’s why I can’t lay into my opponents like they can.  It’s not a matter of skill but of aggression.  What would become of me if I let that side of me in (or out)?

And lastly, a tale of working at a job where the pay is helping with the freight but the relationships are fake and there is a constant looking over my shoulder to make sure that I’m not going to get railroaded.  I’m trying very hard to just play the game, but I have a hard time playing well with others.  Only child and all…

Here’s to hoping my life-story moves to Act III sooner rather than later.  I’m getting tired of hearing that Mercury is in retrograde.


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