Thoughts on Growth


Missed the point of looking inward – always looking to other lineages/systems/styles for the answer instead of to myself and my own chosen system.

Was able to always refine without gain in the realm of Chinese Medicine.  Ten treatments.

Cats still catch me with stuff, but I think I’m quicker to learn their tricks.

When you should hit, hit.  When you shouldn’t, don’t.  Don’t when you can’t.  Don’t when you mustn’t.

Exercising a little more patience, finding holes in their game like holes in a disease where I can pick it apart.

Finding my preferred range where I like to work – where I can effectively bob and weave my way out of trouble while throwing limbs.

Staying low in my stance while remaining mobile.  They said I load when I start to go forward like it’s a bad thing they can neutralize – too bad they can’t stop it.

Talk does not cook the rice.

More refinement is needed.  Expect a phone call.


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