Don’t Fit

Cats at work be talking bout supraspinatus and subscapularis.  Deltoids and rotator cuffs.  I mean – I learned all that but the medicine doesn’t need the 10’000 divisions.  It can all be summed up in one simple question, “Can you show me where it hurts?”

Fam says they don’t know why I write and could give a sh*t.  I’m running to the bookcase to show em what I’ve been working on – the master plan and they don’t even look up.  You can pretend that you care but you can’t pretend that you’re there.  Shoulda showed up for my fight.

Chunners be talking about their Tanned Sow like they got some ish.  Forget it.  No lineage wars, no membership fees and I won’t try and coerce you out of a few dollars so I can make a movie about a dead guy who promoted growth.

I don’t fit.  Foul mood.  F*ck it.


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