Healing Injury: Shoulder

Two weeks ago, my shoulder made a loud popping sound.

I’m a curious fellow, so I started messing around with it.  Lots of autopuncture, cupping, massage, etc.  But I started loading it up with weights and resistance bands to see if I could work through the pain.

Last night wasn’t so much fun as I put my shoulder under pressure.  I think I’ve torn some tendons which makes a Bong Sau resisting any form of downward pressure buckle.  So I forced the shoulder into that position and worked it under resistance.  It hurt.  But today it feels stronger.  It’s like supporting the lower back by holding abdominal bridges.

Makes sense to me  – unlike when my patients just sit there and expect things to heal on their own.

I enjoy being an active part of my recovery because then I know when it’s healed up, I’ll be back stronger than ever.



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