Many times I’ve not made it easy on myself.  I moved from a city of a million people to a town of 5000 to open a business.  I get the odd email from folks who want to meet me outside of my crazy schedule to train and end up deferring them for months because of lack of time or distance.  I want to get good at something that requires people around me to help me get good at it.  But I must train alone.

Aloneness can get quite lonely.  I only have a few friends in this lifetime and they are miles away from me.  I have a personal (and seemingly healthy) policy that I will not befriend my patients.  I don’t mix business with business (nor pleasure).  So I must train alone.

But mark my words, even though I train with only the wisping incense as my witness, I will prevail.  My path will continue to uniquely be my own.


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