Common patterns/rituals
Circle of excellence: Imagining “your own magic circle on the ground in front of you”, filling it with symbols and archetypes of choice, in order to banish negativity and enhance thinking for use in any situation

Anchoring: Resourceful states from the past are recalled and a bridge is created for those resource to be available in future contexts

Perceptual positions: A situation is considered from different points of view or different descriptions are created of the same event. E.g a situation is considered from the perspective of self, other, neutral observer, God’s eye view etc.

Logical levels / logical types: Ordering information into different by type. * Neurological levels: Categorisation of information into a hierarchies consisting of environment, behavior, competency, belief/value, identity and or spirituality (purpose). Sometimes associated with the chakras with spirit linked to the crown chakra.

Visual / kinesthetic dissociation: A process to reduce the negative feeling associated to a memory

Rapport: Mirroring or matching somebody’s verbal (for example, sensory predicates) and non-verbal behavior (gestures, movements, eye movements) in an attempt to gain their willing unconscious attention

Submodalities: Deliberately changing the size, brightness, movement of internal images in an attempt to alter the impact of those images

A method that is promoted for duplicating behaviour, expertise or excellence, or reproducing “magic” abilities of experts. Dilts states that psychic states of consciousness can be modeled by changing the sense sequence (instead of getting feelings from what you see, generate images from what you feel)


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