Teach Me Something

Wing Chun is a very streamlined approach to combat. One punch. One kick.

But there are levels and the Wooden Dummy form is divided into 8 sections.

There are three empty hand forms.  Pole, knives.  Coveted secrets of combat only to revealed in the high-level techniques hidden within thousands of years of Gung-Fu.  With hand and foot techniques, it amounts to over 20.  Would take a lifetime to master.

Wing Chun is a very complicated approach to combat.


2 Responses to “Teach Me Something”

  1. Actually…. I find it much simpler than that. True, it is easy to learn but hard to ‘master’ – as are most things in life.

    • ctkwingchun Says:

      I agree. However, I was implying that as humans, and as we usually do, over complicate things. Glad you’ve stopped by.

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