Pushing; Forty

Usually the patient comes in and tells me how they are doing so many things, staying up late, waking up early and basically just burning the candle at both ends.

It’s my duty, as a holistic practitioner, to address their lifestyle with Chinese medicine and some lifestyle advice.

I’m usually the one telling people to slow down.  Get more rest.  Drink more water.  Eat better.  And then I give them acupuncture that essentially jacks up their root water and root fire processes of the body.  It’s a long process and is more common than not in today’s rat race.

A new patient came in two days ago.  Burnt out.  When asking her about her sleep she told me that she doesn’t get a lot of it.  When I pressed some more she told me that she never wakes up feeling rested.  Two kids.  A job to help support the family.  But there’s more.

She wakes up at 4am every day to work on her Masters in Epidemiology.  Then she goes to work, comes home to take care of her kids – and get this – she’s coming to see me for plantar fasciitis so that she can keep running.

So instead of telling this 40-year-old woman who is burning the candle at both ends the usual, I told her to keep pushing for another six months and get it done.  I told her that she should be proud of herself.  And I gave the best supportive treatment I’ve got.

Never settle.



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