His Dark Story

A young boy, drawn to the occult was warned that he should stay in the light.

So he heeded, with a smile that glinted like a straight razor. Yet his heart had already felt the magnificence of things that go bump in the midnight hour.

In the silence of his own being, he resolved that he would continue to believe in dark things.
He grew, his body extending, yet he remained sickly thin. His interactions with his alcoholic father increasingly volatile, but in the depths of his soul he knew that there existed shadows in the nighttime.

As a young man he witnessed violence and felt the frosty breath of fear. With obsessive compulsion he willed himself to become strong and fast, and in doing so was able to triumph over his fear of physical domination. He forged his body and surrendered himself to his life’s purpose. But the gnawing presence of something deep within plagued him.

Eventually, in adulthood he realized that despite becoming athletic, he had failed to confront the darker aspects of himself that had lain dormant since childhood.

Upon directing his minds eye inwards, he discovered, curled within the caverns of his psyche, an obsidian faced gentleman with a smile that glinted like a straight razor.



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