My Path

When I started at Chinese medicine college back in 2004, two other acupuncture schools opened up in the city.  Where my school used to have ~30 students per year, it dwindled down to eight.  With one person taking the program part-time and another using it as a springboard into medical school (he ended up dropping out because he got cocky thinking it would be a walk in the park – alas, he was failing), we dropped to six.  Sometimes people would be sick or not even show up.

One gentleman by the name of Colt took me under his wing.  Often times we would walk to Starbucks from the school and he would teach me about Chinese medicine as we traversed the mall traffic.  He later became a mentor and close friend as I opened up my practice.  We send novels for emails to each other.  Honestly, they could be published as books and are the reason I wrote my book on practice management.

He visited me today, travelling 5000kms with his family to see the Maritimes.  Funny bit is that he’s learning Gung-Fu from my Sifu now after spending many years learning Taoist Tai Chi.  He used to practice his push-hands and I my sticking-hands and we got along famously.  Today we got to Chi Sau together between fish chowder and apple pie.

I talked to him about my personal physical and psychological development.  I showed him the key pages in Batman: Year One.  I talked to him about magick.  He took it all in.  “Have you found your ‘bat’?” he asked?  “Yes,” I responded.

When he left, he looked at me, the view from my property and told me, “I don’t know if you can call what you’re doing boxing or Wing Chun or whatever.  You’re on your path and you’re doing good.  You might deviate or change a little but continue on your path.”

Another friend few and far between who is loved.


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