Three Feet of Space

Wing Chun is a hard system to learn – psychologically.

Your opponent, throughout the drills and Chi Sau, is constantly in your face – and you in theirs.

From a young age, one learns that pointing is rude and that we don’t touch each other’s face.  We also learn, through cultural influence, to respect each other’s personal space.

In Wing Chun, there is no such thing as respect or space.  You eat both up like a fox to chicken and destroy your opponent.

When receiving force during practice it is important to let your training partner push and pull you like a Raggedy-Anne doll.

However, after getting used to all of this, it becomes an extremely comfortable place to be.

I am comfortable performing in this place – and for you, it makes you very uncomfortable – which I will use to my advantage.  If you push or pull me, it will exhaust you, open you up and I will eat you – like a fox to chicken.


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