In Darkness; Fragmented Self

A post.  A friend.  A spark.

Fragmented self.

Using the word I so as not to sound preachy and as a transformational piece:

It is important to give my dark side space.  The right space, the right time and the right attention.

It is no good for me to let my darkness spill over into my job or my time with family.  The practice of re-membering myself must be done alone.  There are even parts, I feel, that I must hold back depending on the company I keep when training with individuals.

I am not anyone else and if I gain inspiration from certain types of music, imagery or rituals, then I shall let it flow from my soul.

Equally important is the amount of love and joy I must bring to everything I do.

The roles I play are the roles I play.  Knowing when to play them at the right time is mastery.


2 Responses to “In Darkness; Fragmented Self”

  1. walfrido ramos Says:

    amo esta trilha sonora

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