It Always Hurts

Fall is here and I feel the same as you Darcus Hyde.  Something quite sad and reflective about it all, and even though I haven’t had the loss you’ve had, Fall makes me quite loopy.  It always hurts.

I’m struggling with my immediate future and feel quite stuck.  It always hurts.

They asked me how I’m doing, feeling and if my house has sold, etc.  How’s business?  I told them the truth because I believed that’s what they would want to hear.  I was wrong.  Move back to your home province they said.  It’s where the money is they said.  You should have been a medical doctor and in fact you should go back to school for that they said.  You’ve made your choices they said.

It always hurts.

And I will wake up tomorrow morning and lead a Gung-Fu session with my training partners.  It always feels better.


3 Responses to “It Always Hurts”

  1. Come on Darcus Howe aka Darcus Hyde aka his royal darkliness. Chin up ctk aka pin master aka proton transmitter. It’s all part of the whole before the embers die.

    • Darcus Howe. Black social scientist and political commentator who had a popular television show on channel 4 back in the day (called devil’s advocate.) Ps when people say race issues do they mean blacks issues? When people say gender issues do they mean women’s issues (as if men are genderless). When people refer to issues of sexuality do they mean homosexuality

  2. ctkwingchun Says:

    Big Daniel up in here. Big Up for all the love.

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