Chi Sau (Chi Sao); What Is It’s Good For?

So I got the question this morning – you know the one:

“This is great and all, these drills and Chi Sau, but in order for this to work I need someone else to play with.  Someone on the street isn’t going to Chi Sau with me.”

And as I explained the difference between system and style, she got it.

This isn’t some do-this and do-that martial art.  Some please-line-up-and-be-a-robot approach.  Some copy-your-teacher style.

This is a finger-pointing-back-to-yourself, use-it-as-you-see-fit-according-to-your-personal-expression, personal-growth martial art.

So what’s Chi Sau good for anyway?  Blips in time.  Eat-you-for-lunch centre-of-mass honing.  Stick-it-out-ness.  Thin-slicing.

Or as she put it in the end, “Higher learning.”

*Typo in title for a reason


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