You Can’t Fool Me (A Warning to Myself)

You’re a Master, a Guro.

That doesn’t sound right, so you’re a Sifu.

No, wait, you’re a Coach because Sifu implies too much.

Now Coach is overused so you’re a Mentor.  You Mentor people in Wing Chun.

You run Chain-Schools.

No, that sounds dirty so you run an organization.

But everyone is allowed to build on their own, so they really aren’t organizations – more like groups.

You don’t do dead drills.

You don’t do sport.

You don’t get all caught up in the Chi Sau.

At least that’s what you tell us.  However, Gung-Fu is about doing, not talking.

And we can all see your ego grow with each year that passes.  Soon you’ll be a pompous ass like what’s-his-nuts.


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