I’ve been doing this martial arts thing for a minute.  And I’ve had the most growth over the last three years.

I went from watching video after video and reading book after book – looking for the magic secret sauce that would make me better – to not giving a fuck and just training my thing.

There’s a Chinese Tui Na (massage) saying that ‘Talking does not cook the rice.’  That couldn’t be any closer to the truth when it comes to Gung-Fu.

Now, I’m watching videos on the latest come up in the Wing Chun world and something ain’t sitting right – from both angles:

1. If someone breaks structure, breaks the rules of engagement and puts on a lot of pressure, even if it’s slap-happy shit, they can best their opponent.

2. Someone can edit a video emphasizing mainly their attacks to make themselves look good.

The way things were done in the days of old when a new person enters a kwoon still stands.  And you bet your Adidas that when anyone visits me, I’m taking it to them – the old school way.



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