Sticking Hands in Gung Fu

***applies to sticking hands from Wing Chun and pushing hands from Tai Chi.

It is not the tangible ‘you’ who is sticking, in adhesive totality with the opponent, but more rather your essence.

The body, comprising the appendages, limbs and extending into the digits of your hands, are merely the subframe or conduit by which your essence communicates with the opponent. Your body is merely the physical gateway with corresponding nerve endings, muscle, tissue, fascia, bone and marrow, that allows your essence to conjoin with the opponents essence.

Once contact has been made, allow the physical shell to dissolve and instead redirect your attention toward increasing the feeling within your force field of essence based energy.

Increase it’s depth and potency, following which you must concentrate your Will in projecting your force directly into the opponent.

Similarly, lock onto the essence of the opponent.

Manipulate it.

Bend it.

Twist it.

Take control of the opponents spirit.

Diminish it.

Cut it.

Pierce it.



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