Chi Sao – Energetics

It’s unfair to indict a persons skill without at least some explanation.

In my opinion:

The bridge (arm) work is overemphasized when the essence of chi sau is connectivity to the ground: a) sinking hips (kwa) b) creating a balanced yet heavy feeling in the legs which enable c) a positive connection of the root of the body.

I don’t see any sinking of the hip or positioning of legs that suggest he is rooted. Without root, the higher levels of skill will never manifest.

***The legs represent yin structure or heaviness while the arms and upper are yang, light and relaxed.

It is easy to use labels and Chinese expressions to suggest expertise but quite often this scheme is used to create a perception in the unsophisticated student that you know what you’re talking about. Kau sau (detaining arm) and gum sau (pinning arm) are used in error here.

One has to be careful about creating solid shapes. There are only 3 hand positions, tan (disperse), fook (subdue) and bong (deflect). These 3 clear separate positions were not evident which made it look like lazy rolling. Without correct shapes, there is no issuing or transfer of power from the root, up the torso and directly into the opponent.

Elbows have to be pushed to lowest position (while hands are pointed towards openers face) to link power to your own center of mass. If you have lazy elbows there is no connection to the hip and once again no body unity in transfer of power.

It is only when you are rooted that you can steal your opponents balance. Hitting from chi sao is obviously important, but being able to disconnect an opponents connection to the ground is the real reason you “stick” or have an adhesive effect on the opponent.

I’ll stop there…



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