Fight Notes from My IPhone (excerpt)

Against southpaw boxer use solid right jab and left hook (very effective).

In grappling apply more pressure and stay on top of opponent.

Stretch shoulders by punching different angles, straight, up, down,back, across.
Amir khan effective because he makes few mistakes, not because he’s an exceptional boxer. Covers chin well with right hand. Is able to counter opponents counter punches. Good at stringing combinations of body and head shots.

Sugar ray Robinson was brilliant puncher who used outside shots and loose open guard. Particularly good shovel hooks and upper cuts.

Against tight guard, use pawing shots. Open guard use lunging straights.

“To learn Gung Fu you have to be patient.” Abbot (Hitman in the Hand of Buddha)

“The opponent does not know me;
I alone know him.” Attributed to Wang Tsung-yueh [Wang Zongyue] (18th Century) Tai Chi Master

Ghost Fighting is a counter punching style where you lean back and counter on either side of opponents lead (you come away on Y formation). Practice it as a drill with puncher stepping forward and you backing off on angles with counters on inside.

Mastery occurs when information is neurally assimilated and accessing it appears to operate unconsciously. It is when the operation of a skill happens in a flow state and appears to be like magic.

“The problem is that most people don’t want to train that hard.” Jesse Glover



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