Wu Wei, Gung Fu and Anger

Flowing in natural harmony with ones personality and disposition is supremely martial. Unlike others, I do not suppress nor repress my processes with a view to, inter alia, presenting myself as a noble, yet altogether vacuous, being. When I am angry, I allow for the mechanism of violence to flow freely and adrenalin and cortisol to be secreted without restraint.

By allowing one to flow in natural harmony with the inclinations of the body is wu wei; the active-elusive of ‘unforced action’. The limiting constraint however is to channel such behaviours into manifestations that aren’t overtly destructive, I hit heavy bags, spar and practice Gung Fu. This is martial arts and I doubt whether any man will be able to misalign the totality of my thoughts to present me with a new paradigm shift akin to Kuhn’s Theorem of Scientific Revolution. I have stood on the shoulders of two behemoths, Leung, Kwok-Keung sifu and Jesse Glover, sifu. So what threat would you pose with flaccid words and mediocre martial capability?

The alternate schema appears to be one of exaggerated political correctness and the casting of aspersions onto another. When one speaks in individual tones of accusations toward another, just as you have spoken to me, it becomes a supremely cowardly act considering the limitations of time and space for me to have the pleasure of looking you in the eye and welcoming critical observations. But you wouldn’t want to fuck with me. Trust.

Rather than asking for justifications of your inflammatory language I would defer to Jung and ask; what insecurities exist within you (and your psyche) which you are seeking to project.

Darkness reigns supreme.



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