Gung Fu Claw

“Sidi, finga powah!” he exclaimed, with his brow deeply furrowed.

Sifu Leung called me “Sidi” for the 11 year period that I trained with him in Red Boat Wing Chun. And despite having lived in England for a couple of years before I met him, he had adopted only the most rudimentary English words which he spewed out with a strong Mandarin accent.

He grabbed my forearm and demonstrated what he meant by ‘finger power’ which I will try to briefly explain by describing what I felt and saw.

I watched as he grabbed my arm and the tips of his fingers became embedded, pressed into my flesh. There was a white hot burning sensation where his nails threatened to tear into skin and I saw the veins furiously pop up across striated muscles of his tensed forearm.

In that instant, Sifu taught me that when you grab a person your hand should resemble a piercing claw.

The intent is to grab through fascia, skin, superficial tissue, and dig in such a way that you feel the separation of strands of muscle, into the rigid depth point of bone. When you seize, do it in such a way that you control the opponent whilst also making him feel pain.

This is Gung Fu.


One Response to “Gung Fu Claw”

  1. My friend, it has been a while. Glad to see that you are still alive and well.

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