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For The First Dragon Rider

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Wing Chun Q&A at The First Dragon Rider

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CTKWingChun here with my half of the Q&A Exchange.

Because Kung-Fu is Forever.


The First Dragon Rider Aikido Q&A

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I must confess something – I’ve always had a soft spot for Aikido.  I always felt there was something about it that pulled at me.  I once found The Essence of Aikido at a local bookstore.  It was signed by the Founder’s son.  I gave it to a good friend who was practicing at the time.

Also – check out Roy Dean.  He makes it look really good and uses a lot of wrist locks in his BJJ.

Drew, who writes on his blog, often comments here at Dark Wing Chun.  I wanted to do a Q&A trade with him.  Below are my questions to him and his responses.  When he sends me my questions, I’ll let you know.



What is Aikido to you?

A way to be at peace with yourself as a human being.

Why Aikido for you?

I don’t know exactly. Even after 6 years total of training in the art, I’m still trying to answer that question myself. I can only suspect that will go unanswered for a while.

One thing I can attest thought is I have not seen or heard any other martial art to date that has Aikido’s unique combination of holistic, meditation-like processes alongside its martial movements. Despite its many distractors, Aikido does have martial movements that cause severe damage on unsuspecting attackers.

I know right now I could be practicing something more “reality-base” or competitive, but Aikido seems to fit me perfectly in terms of what stage I am in martially and personally. I wish to train in other arts, but time and finances have kept me with Aikido, although maybe that’s a good thing!

I see a lot of karate-chop type of attacks.  Why is this?

A lot of Aikido comes from the art of Aiki-jujitsu, which in itself is comprised of many movements and techniques that the Samurai used in combat with the sword. These sword movements were then transcribed into hand form. According to my Sensei, if you were hold out your arm and form a straight palm with your hand, your arm forms the shape roughly the same as that of the katana.

The “karata-chop” is suppose to mimic that of the samurai sword coming at you. As I have been taught and have experienced, having someone come at you with the manner of using the samurai sword does produce reactions that would throw you off.

What’s with the dress you guys wear?

You mean this one?

It’s called the hakama and originally it was the standard garment pants for the samurai. It’s a skirt-like pants that divided down the middle that gives it the pants-like look. Once considered standard wear among those in the samurai class and above, it is now only worn during special occasions by the Japanese such as weddings, funerals, formal prayer sermons at the temples, etc.

And of course, it is worn in many Japanese martial arts such as Kendo, Iaido, Kenjutsu, and Kyudo. In Aikido, the hakama is reserved for those who have obtained their black belts. However it is known that some branches of Aikido allow senior, non-black belt students to wear it.

Wing Chun vs Wing Chun

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“Aikido versus Aikido breeds weakness and self deceit.”

– Toshishiro Obata

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