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Go It Alone

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No one showed up this AM. Was expecting one person, but they late canceled with good reason.

Sick last few days and bummy knee.  Lots of vitamin D, vitamin C, gargling with oil of oregano and salt.  Lots of self-acupuncture as well.  However, after a few days of being down, it’s highly beneficial to finally get one’s body moving again.  Fever, sweats and sore throat?  Work out hard for a short interval.  Cold chills and body aches?  Work out slow at a slightly medium interval.

Today: skipping 15 minutes, bag 30 minutes, solo rolling and solo shrimping.

John Danaher Speaks; Routine

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Whether or not I had ever met Georges St-Pierre, my life would be unchanged: I wake up, I teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu all day, and I come home at night. Certain aspects of my knowledge base would be deficient, but the living of my daily life would be the same. I have a belief that all human greatness is founded upon routine, that truly great human behavior is impossible without this central part of your life being set up and governed by routine. All greatness comes out of an investment in time and the perfection of skills that render you great. And so, show me almost any truly great person in the world who exhibits some kind of extraordinary skills, and I’ll show you a person whose life is governed largely by routine.

– Excerpt from The Way of the Fight by Georges St.Pierre

Kyra Gracie The Main Tournament of My Life

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