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His Dark Story

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A young boy, drawn to the occult was warned that he should stay in the light.

So he heeded, with a smile that glinted like a straight razor. Yet his heart had already felt the magnificence of things that go bump in the midnight hour.

In the silence of his own being, he resolved that he would continue to believe in dark things.
He grew, his body extending, yet he remained sickly thin. His interactions with his alcoholic father increasingly volatile, but in the depths of his soul he knew that there existed shadows in the nighttime.

As a young man he witnessed violence and felt the frosty breath of fear. With obsessive compulsion he willed himself to become strong and fast, and in doing so was able to triumph over his fear of physical domination. He forged his body and surrendered himself to his life’s purpose. But the gnawing presence of something deep within plagued him.

Eventually, in adulthood he realized that despite becoming athletic, he had failed to confront the darker aspects of himself that had lain dormant since childhood.

Upon directing his minds eye inwards, he discovered, curled within the caverns of his psyche, an obsidian faced gentleman with a smile that glinted like a straight razor.


April Showers Bring May Demons

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This week has been exceptionally hard for some reason.  My demons of sadness and self-hatred have reared their heads on a continual basis.

That’s why I’ve delved so deeply into GSP’s work and watching El-P’s interviews.  Greatness is upon them; and so it shall be on me as well.

I’ve made it very simple for my own psyche to understand: I’m either taking it in or putting it out.

I’m either absorbing the good energies of the world or I’m putting good energies of my own out.

I’m either reading books and watching interviews, or I’m writing articles and punching and kicking.

I cannot outrun my demons.  Therefore, I sit in silence and ask what they have to offer – to teach me.

John F. Kennedy

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F’sheezy.  I ain’t back.  I ain’t even go nowhere – except into the deepest veils of my mind.  To extract my fear, anger, rage and hatred for all those who stand against me.  Raise not your finger to point outwards; instead point steadfast in thine own direction.  For I am the cause and creator of all that surrounds me.

Ask not what your demons can do for you – but what you can do for your demons.

Demons and the Self

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For early Greeks and Romans, daemons (an alternate spelling) were not necessarily evil but were viewed as being instilled with some divine power. Eudamonia, a word that came to reflect happiness in the Aristotelian sense, was derived from the greek word ‘Eudaemons, ’ a word whose root meaning was used to embody high intelligence.

Demons were viewed as celestial beings that carried influence over men, often granting them a power of creativity and instructing their human host away from destructive behaviour.

The philosopher Socrates was said to have been counseled by a daemon who would offer him spiritual guidance. In particular, Socrates’ daemon provided him with deep insight and served as a protector. However, even early characterizations of demons had a root in the psyche. Empedocles, the fifth-century B.C., pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, employed the term “dai-mon” in describing the psyche or soul as well as identifying it with the self.

Death, Insomnia, Gung Fu and Coffee

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I spend an inordinate amount of time sipping black coffee at varying Starbucks locations. I once sat down with a warm cup and wrote about my visit to the death scene of a young man who slit his own throat. Perhaps some subconscious neural association attracts me to the coffee shops. Perhaps it my obsessive compulsion to contemplate death. For instance, even today I found myself reading some dark quotes by the late clothes designer Alexander McQueen. Or conversely, perhaps it just speaks to the more mundane aspects of my life. Whatever it is, the elevated levels of coffee in my body are at least a contributory factor for my insomnia.

I need to cut back on the coffee, focus on the fact that I am alive and practice more Gung Fu.

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There is a nervous feeling that is synonymous in all human beings.  It’s that flittering of the heart that we avoid.

Running from job to job, pleasure to pleasure, martial art to martial art; running from distraction to distraction.


For if we were to stop, maybe this feeling would consume us; burn us using our thoughts, fears and inadequacies as fuel.

Perhaps the only way is through.

The Art of Vania Zouravliov

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