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Top Ten Kung-Fu (Gung-Fu) Weapons

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I’ve been doing this martial arts thing for a minute.  And I’ve had the most growth over the last three years.

I went from watching video after video and reading book after book – looking for the magic secret sauce that would make me better – to not giving a fuck and just training my thing.

There’s a Chinese Tui Na (massage) saying that ‘Talking does not cook the rice.’  That couldn’t be any closer to the truth when it comes to Gung-Fu.

Now, I’m watching videos on the latest come up in the Wing Chun world and something ain’t sitting right – from both angles:

1. If someone breaks structure, breaks the rules of engagement and puts on a lot of pressure, even if it’s slap-happy shit, they can best their opponent.

2. Someone can edit a video emphasizing mainly their attacks to make themselves look good.

The way things were done in the days of old when a new person enters a kwoon still stands.  And you bet your Adidas that when anyone visits me, I’m taking it to them – the old school way.


Ode to Greatness

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There are those of us who are unable to spend the funds travelling the world, training with the best of the best.

And yet, why for?

To just be able to say we did?

To hang their certificate up on our wall?

Alas, we stay at home and instead of sitting on a plane, we sit in our horse and do the one thing that makes sense: Gung-Fu.

This goes out to those individuals that, perhaps not even about money but living situation, find themselves not longing for recognition through the association of others, but carve their own path and find their own greatness.

Will Kung-Fu For Food

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Thanks to D.Hyde, I learned that charging for Gung-Fu training sessions is pointless.

If I don’t charge you any money, I don’t owe you a thing.  And neither do you.

And one day I can up and leave.  Or take a break.  And so can you.

So we can just be.  And train.

You Can’t Fool Me (A Warning to Myself)

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You’re a Master, a Guro.

That doesn’t sound right, so you’re a Sifu.

No, wait, you’re a Coach because Sifu implies too much.

Now Coach is overused so you’re a Mentor.  You Mentor people in Wing Chun.

You run Chain-Schools.

No, that sounds dirty so you run an organization.

But everyone is allowed to build on their own, so they really aren’t organizations – more like groups.

You don’t do dead drills.

You don’t do sport.

You don’t get all caught up in the Chi Sau.

At least that’s what you tell us.  However, Gung-Fu is about doing, not talking.

And we can all see your ego grow with each year that passes.  Soon you’ll be a pompous ass like what’s-his-nuts.

Chi Sau (Chi Sao); What Is It’s Good For?

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So I got the question this morning – you know the one:

“This is great and all, these drills and Chi Sau, but in order for this to work I need someone else to play with.  Someone on the street isn’t going to Chi Sau with me.”

And as I explained the difference between system and style, she got it.

This isn’t some do-this and do-that martial art.  Some please-line-up-and-be-a-robot approach.  Some copy-your-teacher style.

This is a finger-pointing-back-to-yourself, use-it-as-you-see-fit-according-to-your-personal-expression, personal-growth martial art.

So what’s Chi Sau good for anyway?  Blips in time.  Eat-you-for-lunch centre-of-mass honing.  Stick-it-out-ness.  Thin-slicing.

Or as she put it in the end, “Higher learning.”

*Typo in title for a reason

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