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Sh*t My Patients Say

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Patient: I poop once a week and that works for me.

Me: That’s unhealthy.  You need to go everyday.  I recommend you get some more flax in your diet.  I also recommend eating some roughage like apples.

Patient:  Flax everyday?  And I don’t like apples – they hurt my teeth.

Me: So…what do you have planned for the rest of the day?

Patient: Going to the gym.  I’ve gained about 60 pounds over the last year.  Stopped going to the gym because my wife and I started trying for a baby.

Me: How are you feeling?

Patient: Nothing happened.  My back still hurts.

Me: Okay.  So how’s the pain in the hip?

Patients: Oh, that’s gone.

Me: And the hot flashes?

Patients: That’s a lot better.

Patient: I wish I was skinny like you.

Me: Come run sprints with me this week.

Patient: (Nervous laughter.)

Patient: I started with a new exercise class this week after not exercising for a long time.

Me: That’s great!

Patient: She was really good.  I didn’t feel anything the next day.  No muscle soreness or anything.

Nothing To Eat

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Patient came into clinic last night with a yeast infection.

I recommended to her that she not eat any sugar for about 10 days while I treated her and she used an over-the-counter medication.

“No sugar!?” she exclaimed.  “What will I eat then because everything has sugar in it?”

Deadpan, I replied, “Vegetables, fruits, nuts and meats.

Seed of Heaven

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Men, in time, return again to the mysterious workings. So all creatures come out of the mysterious workings and go back into them again. – Watson, B: 1964, P. 117

Do your current goals still serve you?

As we age, the game changes.  As we evolve, our needs change.  As we get closer to some of our goals, they morph into something else.

Don’t squander your talents.  Look outside your field.  How can your expertise in something fill a gap in other people’s lives?

Listen to your Seed of Heaven.  It will guide you.


The Yuan Qi is the seed of true nature that Heaven plants deep within at the moment of conception. We must nurture the potential of this seed to fulfill our destiny. – Nourishing Destiny, Lonny Jarrett, p. 103


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She told me she self-medicates with alcohol on the weekends.  It eases her anxiety quite well.  But that my words came back to haunt her and she wants to try again.  I told her the same thing once more.

Let the worries run through your mind as they will.  Let the hairs stand up on your arms and legs.  Let your heart beat out of your chest and your breath shorten.  Let the stress of your body talk to you and perhaps show some elephants in the room.  Welcome the sensations and have them wash over you and ask your body (not in a cocky way) if it has anymore to reveal to you.

The only way to get over something is to go through.

Die before you die.


Internal and External Dragons

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When I run into ‘stubborn’ stuff or when a patient reaches a plateau in healing I have two go-to treatment protocols that I use.

The ancients studied the stars in the sky and tried to understand our human relationship with the great cosmos.  Another large part of Chinese medicine includes superstition.

There are 13 ghost points discovered by Sun Si-Miao and other acupoints used for tongue-flicking, running and screaming naked in the streets, and other socially inappropriate behaviour.

Within the context and time period when Chinese medicine was in development, all of these theories and treatments make sense.

Internal and External Dragons are front and back treatments respectively.  They both treat possession.  If a condition is unresponsive to treatment or a patient has stopped responding to treatment, it is thought that they are possessed by their ailment.

In Shamanic rituals, song, dance and incantation are used to bring a person’s soul back to them.

In Christian faith, it is said that Jesus was able to help the ‘blind’ to ‘see.’

All these healing methods point to a common thread: that sometimes we’re so far in our own shit that we can’t see, feel, hear nor taste nothing but the like.

The Dragons treatment uses numerology to aid in the healing process.  7 needles are placed on the front and then 7 needles are placed on the back, each left for 15-20 minutes at a time.  The number 7 is a holy number in eastern and western cultures alike.  7 also represents the final ascent of consciousness within the Hindu Chakra system.

Dragons are powerful creatures in Chinese mythology.  Dragons were thought to be able to protect and deliver, hence developing dragon boat festivals that still continue to this day.

So it goes: 7 needles to awaken the 7 dragons to chase out the demons.


The Past, The Present, The Future

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The tongue tells me the past.  Anywhere from “I’ve been sick for the past few days,” to, “I’ve had a problem with my digestion for years.”  I can even see where a system has burned out to the point where it’s cracked – very much like an engine which has gotten too hot, ran without oil and has cracked.

A Heart Crack actually signifies a broken heart.

The pulse tells me the now.  I could ask about the recently deceased cat and the pulse will change instantly.  Twenty-eight pulse images can appear in six different positions – again representing different systems.  Slippery pulse indicates swelling, retention of fluid, pregnancy or post-coital.

Tongue and pulse diagnosis are old and they work.  They are a microcosm of the macrocosm just as we are a microcosm of the macrocosm.

I am still searching for a diagnostic method to tell the future.  However, looking at the past and the present are damn good ways to see where someone is headed.

Peace, CTK

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