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Nothing To Eat

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Patient came into clinic last night with a yeast infection.

I recommended to her that she not eat any sugar for about 10 days while I treated her and she used an over-the-counter medication.

“No sugar!?” she exclaimed.  “What will I eat then because everything has sugar in it?”

Deadpan, I replied, “Vegetables, fruits, nuts and meats.

I Like Playing With Myself

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You read that right.

I mean, you probably read that with your mind in the wrong place, but you read it right.

I play with myself all the time.  I play with my mind – constantly changing my world view.  I play with my body – stretching, playing with my posture, pull-ups at the playground.  I play with my soul – allowing the Great Spirit to enter my being and take life’s burdens away.

Better get playing with yourself, no?


It Didn’t Work

Posted in Health and Wellness with tags , , , , on June 21, 2012 by ctkwingchun

Patient: “Can you do anything about belly fat?”

Me: “Yes.  Stop eating sugar and get more vigorous exercise.”

Patient: “I tried that last winter and it didn’t work.”

Me: “It might take a little longer than a winter…”

Rabbi Rami Shapiro Q&A

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Q: I want to devote my life to spiritual pursuits, but so much of what passes for spirituality seems self-serving and narcissistic.  How do I know the real thing?

A: You know you’re on the right path if your capacity for holding paradox expands, your sense of humor broadens, your commitment to justice deepens, your compassion for and protection of life grows, and your love of people transcends race, color, creed, tribe, religion, politics, and sexual preference.

Commentary: Does your Kung-Fu do this?


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How does your pain, illness, disease serve you?

What story does it allow you to tell?

And how fearful do you feel about the possibility of stripping  it all away?

What if you had all the answers inside you to fix you?

How many tears would you shed?

If you were to let it go, how would you feel?  How alone, naked and vulnerable would you feel?

…and yet, so liberated, no?


May I Never Be

Posted in Health and Wellness, Martial Arts and Training with tags , , , , on February 3, 2012 by ctkwingchun

I hear the weirdest crap come out of my patient’s mouths.  I couldn’t make this stuff up.

“I blew my back out cutting my toe nails.”

“I didn’t bend my knees walking off the curb, kind of jarred myself and now my neck hurts.”

“I tried not eating candy, but then halfway through the day I just couldn’t take it anymore.”

“Gardening is a great way to lose weight.”

“All diabetics cheat, right?”

“I can’t have sodium, I can’t have gluten, I can’t have diary – I mean, I just can’t do it.  It’ll affect my lifestyle.”

Ah.  I’m not judging – much.

Kung-Fu is my lifestyle.  Choose yours.


Seed of Heaven

Posted in Health and Wellness, Quotes and Articles with tags , , on February 2, 2012 by ctkwingchun

Men, in time, return again to the mysterious workings. So all creatures come out of the mysterious workings and go back into them again. – Watson, B: 1964, P. 117

Do your current goals still serve you?

As we age, the game changes.  As we evolve, our needs change.  As we get closer to some of our goals, they morph into something else.

Don’t squander your talents.  Look outside your field.  How can your expertise in something fill a gap in other people’s lives?

Listen to your Seed of Heaven.  It will guide you.


The Yuan Qi is the seed of true nature that Heaven plants deep within at the moment of conception. We must nurture the potential of this seed to fulfill our destiny. – Nourishing Destiny, Lonny Jarrett, p. 103

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