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You and I

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You workout with Nike weightlifting gloves. I workout with a chain and skip rope.You workout in an air-conditioned gym. I workout in a garage. You eat protein, creatine and glutamine, I eat meat, vegetables and fruit. You drink lattes, I like my coffee blacker than pitch. You read the horoscope, I read the Lemegeton. You meditate in the morning asking for joy, happiness and peace, I meditate when its dark, channeling hate, anger and vengeance. You listen to Justin Bieber. I listen to Burial.




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He spoke;

“Your beloved was created when the original 84 congregated at the table of sin and misfortune. Yes, 84 of them there were, reduced in number by your kind to the 72 of the Lemegeton.

Brothers of your beloved, they were.

My soul was cast eastward, my water replaced with charcoal ash from the first fire.

Blessings given unto me, all under the approving gaze of our Host and Lord.

It was thus that I was created and it was with your bidding that I return.”

If we manifest that which is the focus of our intention, then what parameters should we place on what we desire?

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