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All The Gear

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Ran a trail race.  Felt under-dressed with my Nikes, Lululemon and Under Armour gear.  All of it is years old.

Cats had new, shiny shoes.  Camelbaks and waterbelts.  Bugspray on so thick, you’d think we were supposed to be walking.

Reminds me of meditation and spirituality magazines.  Reminds me of Kung-Fu.  Go buy this, it will help your practice.

If only we could remember that practice will help our practice.

And the only thing I need for that…is me.



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The breath.

The vehicle to self-awareness.

A shedding.

The fear of losing one’s identity found through pain.

My back, my heart palpitations, my life.

Gripping so tightly and causing so much pain, fluttering in my chest, a brief moment in time.

The breath.

Release me from my own vices and devices.



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It’s a scary thing that meditation.  It can lead a person down to the deepest depths of themselves.

Many practitioners talk about the immense calm that meditation brings.  For many, however, it brings immense panic.

Once the anxiety surfaces, it seems natural to run.  Fear of the unknown.  But it all comes down to trust.

There is, I feel, a lack of trust in ourselves.  We feel that we don’t have the necessary tools to visit our most innate thought and emotional processes.  That is why a guide is sometimes necessary.  Someone to tell our blockages to.  Someone to tell us that they believe that we have the strength to welcome in the unknown.  “Nobody every died from a panic attack.”


Those feelings of panic – of higher vibration – we don’t have time for those.  Go away.  I have a life to live right now.  Yet, when pushed, they push back – harder.  So then we look for distractions, self-medicating.  Perhaps then asking the Medical Doctor to prescribe something a little more socially acceptable.

Meditation is making time for yourself.  Trust is key.  Trusting in that what our bodies have to say and the ability to listen to what is being said.


“So what’s the point?” she asked me.

The point is to re-member yourself.  To allow some space and time to let those sensations in.  It is like an apparition that wants to use you like a conduit.  You must let it in and let it use you up in order for it to express its purpose.  Only then will it burn itself out.

It will get easier.  It will eventually get calm.  Trust yourself – in all things.


Mindfulness Meditation Video

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Work as Meditation; Work as Play

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Needles in the West come with tubes.  That’s so us inept acupunks don’t have to drive a needle freehand.  …and there’s some BS that the medical industry tries to force down our throats about keeping the body of the needle clean.  If only they knew the freehand techniques of China…

But it’s all about the tap.  The moment just before I tap the needle into my patient with my forefinger is the most important time.  Silence.  Concentration.  Ging.


Zen Cat; Ritual

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When the spiritual teacher and his disciples began their evening meditation, the cat who lived in the monastery made such noise that it distracted them. So the teacher ordered that the cat be tied up during the evening practice.

Years later, when the teacher died, the cat continued to be tied up during the meditation session. And when the cat eventually died, another cat was brought to the monastery and tied up.

Centuries later, learned descendants of the spiritual teacher wrote scholarly treatises about the religious significance of tying up a cat for meditation practice.

On Meditation

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