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HDS Speaks; Savagery

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My attitude as a trained fighter is simple. I presume the opponent can match my skill. However I remain confident that he is unable to match my savagery.


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Talk into dictaphone

Ring off

Light cigarette

Remember the mutual agreement

Final Rep

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I’m at the gym, gimme a sec…

I’m just looking for something…

I’m on my last rep and while I know my heartrate is dropping right now, I’m just trying to get it right…

Ah…there we go.  Mindsetting with music…

Less Demons

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I’d like to think that I think I can do anything.

I’d like to think that I’ve made strides in quieting the voices in my head that would have me take a different route.  It’s been a process.

Or perhaps, like many conditions I treat, I’ve just chased them into a corner.  And there they wait – until there is even a bit of let-up.  But I have learned, as is the same when facing an opponent, never let up when they are at their weakest.

“The most dangerous time is when you have your opponent hurt.” – Kru Phil Nurse’s maxim (from Tapped Out by Matthew Polly)

Jesse Glover on Gung Fu

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“Make techniques as simple as possible, avoid complexity for the sake of looking good and constantly look for ways to perform a technique with less movement.” Jesse Glover, describes the essential elements of Gung Fu.

A feeling of awe is hard to describe. Something that grows in the pit of your stomach and makes your skin tingle with excitement. When I first met Jesse in 2004, I remember this overwhelming feeling of awe. 

(Jesse Glover far left, Bruce Lee center, Ed Hart far right)

Mindfulness Meditation Video

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Space – by Rageholic

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“Loi Lau Hoi Sung,

Lat Sau Jik Chung”

I’ve been told by my learned friend to fill the space during our Gung Fu (Wing Chun) training sessions. The concept seemed simple; something that made sense at the time, but I now realize that it hadn’t quite fully formed in my mind, until now.

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to train in a sport kickboxing club with a bunch of jiu jitsu fighters. An interesting environment in which to find myself. However as my training partners are primarily grapplers, much of the time is spent on fundamental techniques, with little theory. One thing I noticed was that the students were not actively encouraged to fill space in the way that I had been taught. In Gung Fu, we fill the space generally by way of a well-timed and precise strike, either to cause damage, or to create a window by which we can escape. As an example, the double jab is a beautiful way of both delivering power or alternatively, as a movement used to plug the gap between you and your opponent. It enables you to keep pressure on the opponent and can be used as an effective bridge for the next shot or to allow you to fall back into immediate cover or to create some distance.

I thought it strange that I never saw the bigger picture of consuming that space while training Gung Fu with my learned friend. Then I realized I spent all that time with him fighting over control of that very space.


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