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Canada; Adidias; Skateboarding

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The Death of Creativity

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Skateboarding, Revisited

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I landed a varial kickflip yesterday.  Never in my life have I done that.  Honestly, it’s not that big a trick.  It was on flat, in front of my house and I was going a decent speed.  But it’s the concept or epiphany (read: synchronicity) that occurred that allowed it to happen.

His Dark Side asked me if I have ever learned anything that has taught me how to dissect life.  I responded with acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  Recently, I watched a video on longboarding where this one guy demoed a trick and talked about ‘pressure’ and foot placement.  And there it was.

In Gung-Fu, it’s about a lot of things, but for me it’s about pressure and placement – placement of everything.  Pressure here, pressure there.  Move your hand here, move your head there.

So I took my board out – 20 years later.  I never was really good.  Mostly grinds on curbs and kickflips, heelflips and 180’s.  I couldn’t figure this board out.  I wanted it so bad – to be good, go pro and all of it.  Perhaps if I had had a coach because I learn differently.  The same is with martial arts.  I’m not some big engineer head that can think three moves ahead.  I’m in the now, forgetting, most times, what I had for supper yesterday.

So, martial arts strikes again: pressure and placement.  And wouldn’t you know it, that fixed everything – to ask the question, for each individual trick:

  1. Where’s your body weight?
  2. Where’s your front foot placed?
  3. Where’s your back foot placed on the tail?
  4. Where’s the pressure on your front foot?
  5. Where are your arms – are they going to help you in that position?

Shit.  Maybe I’mma get good at this thing after all.  Oldest sponsored amateur yet?  I’mma send myself some fan mail.  Brrrap.

Faith > Pain

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Physician, Heal Thyself

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I am very blessed to do what I do for a living – trading health for bread.

I am even more blessed that I can do what I do on myself.  I am currently nursing my shoulder which seems to pain at the most odd times – like shaking off my toothbrush.  Alas, even the jolt from a run is quite annoying.

So I’ve been pinning myself, burning moxa and cupping it daily.  Shoulders are tricky – right up there with hips.  I find it interesting that shoulders mirror hips according to image- and channel-theory.  It’s a pain the ass to try and treat my hip (pun intended), so I’ve just been using the ol’ maxim: ‘Where there is pain, there is a point.’

Unlike Skip, I didn’t start my Chinese medicine studies to keep my body in check because of the active lifestyle I lead, but it’s a wonderful benefit just the same.  Blessed, this one will heal himself.


Second Nature

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