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He Can’t Do It Alone

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vader can't do it alone

Inner Quiet

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When he died, he was two hundred fifty-six years old.

When Li was a child, he left home to follow some wandering herbalists.

His favorite way of traveling was what he called “walking lightly.”

He advised those who wanted strong health to “sit like a turtle, walk like a pigeon, and sleep like a dog.”

When asked for his major secret, though, he would reply,

“inner quiet.”

– The Tao of Pooh, pg. 110

May The Fourth

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Store It Up

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First my parents came to visit for 10 days,
Was nice,
Then I tweaked my knee and sprints were put on a hold,
Like ice,

Then my kids were sick, my wife was sick, then me,
No doubt,
So parts of my training on the back burner,
Thrown out,

So I’m doing what I can,
While I’m nursing my health,
I store it up,
Like I put it in a jar on a shelf,

So what this look like in a week or so,
When I’m back to my norm?
Come and join my in the tornado,
This ain’t no eye of the storm.



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Stormtrooper Recruitment Agency

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Brave Enough

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“I am Tomomori, son of Kagemori. Hear now my voice and my challenge! I am of the House of Taira. If any of you are brave enough, come now to taste my steel. But before you come to face me, make sure to call out the name of Amidha the Benevolent before you present yourself! I will most certainly dispatch you to the next world!” (Unknown)

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