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Human Nature

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“You gotta keep your punches short, you gotta keep them on target, you gotta keep them accurate and you gotta keep them tight.”  -Steve Morris


Building Character

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Even if you’re lying flat on your back, you can work on your mind.  And it says something about the character of the individual, if he sits out on the sidelines the moment he gets an injury.  It’s like he’s looking for an excuse to bail out.  That guy won’t go very far.  If you’re starting out with a disadvantage due to health, this gives you an opportunity to find ways to get round the problem, or strengthen those areas that aren’t affected, and it builds character to take this route rather than to just say, ‘I quit.’” Steve Morris

Definition of a Fighter

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“A competent adversary will be able to initiate attacks, feints, and draws. He will punish you for telegraphing your moves. He will cover up or ride the shot, and sometimes he will avoid or evade it completely. He will in some way clinch or tie you up and even take you down, ground and pound you, choke you out, or break an arm or a leg. That’s what a fight is. It isn’t what you want it to be according to some idea you’ve dreamed up. It simply is.

A fighter needs to have a destructive mindset with skills to match.  He must be goal-oriented, task-focused, mentally tough, physically durable and conditioned.  He needs a solid and adaptable defence, including being elusive, deceptive and unpredictable.  He has to be  always mindful of his and his opponent’s every single move in order to be able to anticipate what’s going to happen next, rapidly adapt to any situation and be able to instantly respond  in a decisive and purposeful way to a cue from any position in both synchronized and  broken time—this means having a great sense of  timing,  distance appreciation, dynamic balance, and reactive speed/power and accuracy.  Force development and application has to fit within all of that, and in the end it’s only a  part of the fighter’s game.”

Steve Morris

Morris Speaks…

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“The killer instinct

Even though their personalities, physiques, athleticism,  conditioning,  fighting skills, tactics, strategies and training methods might be completely dissimilar, most fighters in the true sense of the term do in fact share one thing in common.  That is the gratification they get from fighting, their  absolute resolve to destroy the man or men standing in front of them.  Indeed this fury of desire to destroy an opponent is so strong in some individuals  that it is  only the rules or an awareness of the possible consequences of their actions or the intervention of a referee or onlookers  that prevents them from killing someone.” Steve Morris

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