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Buddhist Stoicism

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And there is no Buddha, even.  When you do not understand Buddha, you will be concerned if I say there is no Buddha: “You are a priest, so how can you say there is no Buddha?  Why do you chant?  Why do you bow to Buddha?”

There is no Buddha so we bow to Buddha.  If you bow to Buddha because there is Buddha, that is not a true understanding of Buddha.

Sun-faced Buddha, Moon-faced Buddha – no problem.  Whether I am at Tassajara or San Francisco, no problem.  Even though I die, it is all right with me, and it is all right with you.  And if it is not all right, you are not a Zen student.

It is quite all right.  That is Buddha.

-Shunryu Suzuki

Emoting Stoic

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Stoicism makes sense to me.  The ability to control how I react to the world makes life less like a rollercoaster ride.  Staying cool under pressure.

This does not mean that I feel no emotion.

As a human being I believe that our emotions are a wonderfully natural way of getting rid of all the excess.

So there is a balance.  A balance between not letting emotions run out of control due to uncontrollable circumstances of the world and letting emotions run their course.

I am

The Emoting Stoic


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