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Virtue, Magic and Taoism

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Taoism; Martial Arts and Sorcery

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Once both sides of dualism were accepted, the Taoists clearly saw that individuals combined good and evil in varying proportions.  Taoism therefore evolved into a system large enough to satisfy the needs of all the different people.  Taoists gave morality and piety to the common man; faith and loyalty to the hero; martial arts and sorcery to the power-hungry man; knowledge to the intellectual; and, for the rare few looking for even more, they gave meditation and the secret of transcendence.  Then they turned everything in side out and said, ‘Not only are these segments of the world’s people, but by the principle of microcosm and macrocosm, they are also inner realities of every individual.’

– Chronicles of Tao, Pgs. 204-205

Chuang Tzu; Heaven and Earth

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What kind are you?

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A patient of mine recently asked me, “What kind of Buddhist are you?”

Now, I don’t really like getting into religious or philosophical thought .  It’s almost like bringing up religion or politics at the barber – you just might get your ear lopped off.

But he’s young and I sensed from him that this wouldn’t turn south – and I wouldn’t let it.  Plus, he’s been coming to me for years.

“I’m not Buddhist,” I replied.

“Oh.  I thought you were.  You have a Buddha by your front door.”

“That thing?  I bought that at Winners.  It’s a garden ornament that I use for decoration.  Why do you ask?”

“I started a meditation group called (incomprehensible),” he told me.  “So, if you’re not Buddhist, what are you?”

“Well,” I tentatively replied, “if you wanted to call me anything, you could say that I’m Taoist.  But not really…  I like Sufi poetry, parts of Hinduism, too.  I listen to Kirtan and Buddhist chanting.  I read parts of the Bible.”

“Ultimately,” I left him with this final thought, “I’m just a human being.”


The Sage Has No Goals?

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Chinese Hermit Tradition – Documentary

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Amongst White Clouds;

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