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A flash of a scent and I’m right back there.

Watching Gung-Fu movies.  Shaolin Temple.  Tai Chi Master.  36 Chambers.  Ghost Dog.

The scent of the shops in Chinatown. The heavy herbal combinations in the bins. The taro milkshake with pearls AKA bubble tea.

The little kids running amok in their traditional Gung-Fu uniforms. The private demos. The dreams, the aspirations of becoming…something.

Sunday Morning

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Working out.  Working in.  Working inside out.  Working outside in.

F*ck Training

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My fam got back so fuck training this week.  I’ve been staying up late and sleeping in late – waking up with just enough time to make it to work.  I might train next week, but probably not because I’m going to spend more time with my fam.

I might stretch, though.

Go It Alone

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No one showed up this AM. Was expecting one person, but they late canceled with good reason.

Sick last few days and bummy knee.  Lots of vitamin D, vitamin C, gargling with oil of oregano and salt.  Lots of self-acupuncture as well.  However, after a few days of being down, it’s highly beneficial to finally get one’s body moving again.  Fever, sweats and sore throat?  Work out hard for a short interval.  Cold chills and body aches?  Work out slow at a slightly medium interval.

Today: skipping 15 minutes, bag 30 minutes, solo rolling and solo shrimping.

Nuff Said

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If you’re not angry at something, someone or some situation when hitting the heavy bag,

you’re wasting valuable extra potential.

Every time, I don’t leave it up to fate whether my heavy bag is dead or not.

A Student of Movement

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Triple S

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First, there was Remembering SEF.

Now, there’s the Triple S.

This morning, the two gents that came over drilled Wing Chun techs in the Chi Sau – the more useful ones if you will: Tan, Fok, Bong, Pak and Jum.  When drilled, it is important to keep the Triple S in mind.

Slow – Slow it down, as to not get so excited and overstimulated.

Smooth – Make it smooth, not so jerky.

Stay in the pocket – Two trains on the same track.  Stay with your partner.

We can play Chi Sau so many different ways: head shots only, body shots only, pretending to be drunk, etc.  I like the Triple S for drilling techs.  Then we can let ‘er fly.

Make it yours, CTK

Much Rather

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Woke up cold and tired.  Usually a bit more cold when tired.  Much rather would have stayed next to some extra body heat in my bed.  Turned off the alarm and made my way downstairs.  A glass of water because of that parched feeling.

Downstairs; forms.

Upstairs; the street.  Much rather would be in the basement where it`s warm.

Sprints.  Tired and cold.

The sun peeking out between a split in the clouds as it rises up to welcome a new day.

Every breath is a prayer
We still livin
World still spinnin
I’m still thanks givin
Trying to get it right
But I’m left here trippin

I Like Playing With Myself

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You read that right.

I mean, you probably read that with your mind in the wrong place, but you read it right.

I play with myself all the time.  I play with my mind – constantly changing my world view.  I play with my body – stretching, playing with my posture, pull-ups at the playground.  I play with my soul – allowing the Great Spirit to enter my being and take life’s burdens away.

Better get playing with yourself, no?


Less Demons

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I’d like to think that I think I can do anything.

I’d like to think that I’ve made strides in quieting the voices in my head that would have me take a different route.  It’s been a process.

Or perhaps, like many conditions I treat, I’ve just chased them into a corner.  And there they wait – until there is even a bit of let-up.  But I have learned, as is the same when facing an opponent, never let up when they are at their weakest.

“The most dangerous time is when you have your opponent hurt.” – Kru Phil Nurse’s maxim (from Tapped Out by Matthew Polly)

Strung Out

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Strung out…

…so I go for a run.

…so I lift some weights.

…so I hit the heavy bag.

…so I run some Chi Sau.

…so I gear up.

…so what do you do?


(R)Evolution – Questions by MrMLSI

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MrMLSI commented on an old blog post, asking many a good question.

My answers are italicized.


So what ever happen here? Did you ever change your approach to Wing Chun training? Did you make it more ‘applicable’ making slight modifications here and there? Did you do as rageholic mention, change and personalize it to a point where it can be recognize as a new stand alone branch of Wing Chun?

I think all I have been looking for is a way to break out of the shackles traditional martial arts create.  My own freedom of expression through a system.  So, in part, I have worked hard to do what Rageholic suggested and personalize my Chun.

I haven’t made any ‘modifications’ to the system, per se – just the way I now approach it.  I have changed my solo training to reflect what I want to become.  Time is precious, so I make sure that I get my biggest bang for my buck when I train.

What I’ve done is taken the training regime of the boxing and overlayed it onto the Chun.  Cardio/conditioning is a big part of my training, instead of just sitting in YJKYM for hours practicing patty-cake drills.  Heavy-bag and sprints make up a good part of my workout as well.

A few more questions.
When you say the Wing Chun you know cannot stand up against Boxers do you mean with/without gloves and rules, or does it even make a difference at all?

To me, it doesn’t make much difference.  Pressure testing is pressure testing.  What I was getting at in the previous post, specifically, was how the training methods differ and therefore the training outcomes differ.

So what was your answer to your last question?

I assume you’re asking me about what I’ve done with all those Wing Chun techniques.  First, I’ve streamlined my ‘teaching’ process.  When someone asks to train with me, I don’t show them all the rhetoric and try not to talk too much (Wing Chun folk tend to run their mouths a lot – especially when explaining techniques or writing responses to questions on a blog).

Second, going back to personalizing my Chun, something His Dark Side and I have talked about at length, I am constantly in the process of creating my own ‘mini-system’ within the system.

Lastly, I’ve been looking at all the similarities instead of the differences – bringing all ‘techniques’ together into one common goal: hit the guy while minimizing damage.

Sorry for so many questions! I’m looking forward to your response.

No problem.  I sincerely hope you got something out of my responses.


The Plan

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The Plan was to teach and it was the wrong thing to do.

The Plan was to impart some knowledge on some folks and these folks would train hard.  They would embody the kung-fu lifestyle.

The Plan was to make a monster as fast as possible so that they would get better and make me better.  They would buy some gear and stick around and want to bang.

Don’t follow in my footsteps.  Don’t be so eager to teach.  Shut your school down.  Go learn.  Seek out a reputable gym and keep growing.  That’s the New Plan.  It’s never too late.


Rabbi Rami Shapiro Q&A

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Q: I want to devote my life to spiritual pursuits, but so much of what passes for spirituality seems self-serving and narcissistic.  How do I know the real thing?

A: You know you’re on the right path if your capacity for holding paradox expands, your sense of humor broadens, your commitment to justice deepens, your compassion for and protection of life grows, and your love of people transcends race, color, creed, tribe, religion, politics, and sexual preference.

Commentary: Does your Kung-Fu do this?

Just Show Up

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Eighty percent of success is showing up. -Woody Allen, US movie actor, comedian, & director.

For the most part, I work out alone.  I live outside the city centre, hold down two Chinese medicine practices, have two children and a wonderful wife.  I know a ton of people but most are acquaintances.  My lifestyle I lead due to my buzy-ness doesn’t allot time for kicking back with a couple of cold ones (if I did drink).  It is what it is.

6 AM starts – not for work, but for my workouts.  My alarm goes and I have to show up.  Show up where?  My basement.  Show up for who?  Me, myself and I.  Show up why?  Because I said so.

Are you showing up?  It’s never too late.

Make it yours,

The Little Things

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A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world.
Paul Dudley White (1886 – 1973) – an American physician and cardiologist

Perhaps three weeks it’s been since I’ve been able to run.  Three weeks seemed like an eternity.  At first I couldn’t even dance in front of my heavy bag, but that returned quickly.  A bummed knee wouldn’t stop me from working out in some fashion, but there’s something ethereal about sprints.  They hurt.  They push me to my limit.  And I love the feeling.

So here I am, three-or-so weeks later, sprinting up a storm – and I won’t slack even for a second because I am reminded that in an instant it could all disappear.  It’s those little things…


My Blueprint

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Taught Chun today.  I figure I still teach it ‘traditionally.’  Punching in Two’s.  Pak Da’s.  Bong to Tan drills.  Dan Chi Sau.  Bong Lop Da.  Chi Sau.

However, for the last five years since I moved across the country, I’ve tried to formulate a teaching method.  A method where I can get someone from beginner to functional as fast and complete as possible.  I keep refining this process.

SB came by for the sixth time today.  Today was a testament to what I’ve been trying to build.  By the end of his SIXTH HOUR spent with me, he’s rolling in the Chi Sau.  He can even defend basic attacks and I can’t really pull too many ‘tricks’ on him because he reacts appropriately- meaning he responds in the way that he has been trained and the way he has been training himself.


I Am Not A Sifu

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nor a Sidai or a Sihing,

nor a Teacher or a Coach,

nor a Master or a Guru,

nor an expert or a learned one.

I am just your training partner – as you are mine.

Make it yours,

Store It Up

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First my parents came to visit for 10 days,
Was nice,
Then I tweaked my knee and sprints were put on a hold,
Like ice,

Then my kids were sick, my wife was sick, then me,
No doubt,
So parts of my training on the back burner,
Thrown out,

So I’m doing what I can,
While I’m nursing my health,
I store it up,
Like I put it in a jar on a shelf,

So what this look like in a week or so,
When I’m back to my norm?
Come and join my in the tornado,
This ain’t no eye of the storm.


Tiger Balm

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Zheng Gu Shui for my back.

Tiger Balm for my knee.

Salonpas patches for my traps.

Vitamin D drops, Emergen-C packets, fish oil and multivitamin for overall health.


Forms for the memory.

Qigong for the stress.

Heavy bag for unleashing.

Chi Sau for the labratory.

Sparring for the application.

Weights for the CNS.

Sprints for the heart.


“We will not relax.

Relaxing – just another way to say you’re getting old.” – Current Swell

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