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For me, the three most important components to being a good student (in martial arts) are;

1) consistency in training

2) a willingness to go away and train in isolation

3) humility

I remind myself for one reason in particular; a desire to always remain a good student.

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I’m writing.

His Dark Side is writing.

I’m resting.

His Dark Side is resting.

I’m putting in work.

His Dark Side is putting in work.


Join us.

Strategy; Timestamp ~43:00

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Sh!t My Patients Say

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me: How you feeling today?

him: Oh, I’ve got my issues…

me: As long as it’s body-related, I can take care of those!

him: Oh yah…no other kind.  The key is to stay away from the women.  Nowadays I just rent ’em.

me: (blank stare)

him: Well, you know what I mean.  I take them out for dinner first…

me: (blank stare)

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It’s your lie, make it as big as you want.

Gnosis; Present Moment

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The gnostic state is achieved when a person’s mind is focused on only one point, thought, or goal and all other thoughts are thrust out. Practitioners of chaos magic each develop their own ways of reaching this state.

All such methods hinge on the belief that a simple thought or direction experienced during the gnostic state and then forgotten quickly afterwards bypasses the “psychic censor” (faculties averse to the magical manipulation of reality) and is sent to the subconscious, rather than the conscious mind, where it can be enacted through means unknown to the conscious mind.

I Was a Believer; As If I Had a Choice

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